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Warning Signs You Are Getting Angry

Recognising the early signs that you are starting to get angry is very important. They are easy to identify and when you recognise them you should start methods to calm down in that immediate moment such as walking away from the situation and breathing more slowly and counting to 10 in your head.
  • Fast Heart Rate
  • Increased Breathing
  • You Feel Tense
  • Tapping Feet/Fingers
  • Clenched Jaw/Fists
  • Getting Hotter
  • Pressure In Sinus
  • Body Starts To Sweat
There are other reasons why you become angry in the first place though, and it is these underlying reasons that will determine whether you become moderately angry, or that very problematic ‘seeing red’ angry.
Our Personal Therapy sessions will not only help you get to the root cause of your anger, but also we will teach you our tried & tested anger management techniques that are best suited to help you cope in your personal situation, for the shorter & longer term.