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Mental Health Services

Our therapy and counselling mental health services are intended to support your emotional wellbeing.
It is imperative that you receive the necessary support as soon as possible in order to stop the progression of mental health issues.
Simply call us on 0800 030 9227, or complete our online form, to book a free no obligation consultation.

How We Can Help

Our specialised mental health services, provided to you by a dedicated therapist, offer tailored support to adults and children who have one or more problems that can be properly handled in a private and professional setting.
Your therapist will cultivate a trusting confidential therapeutic relationship, within a safe and supportive space, of respect and empathy, to listen to your experiences, and emotions without passing judgement.
We can help you understand your struggles by providing you with tools to investigate issues, make decisions, and resolve emotions.
We will assist you in developing the self-assurance you need to succeed in work, social circles, and personal lives.

Qualified, Registered & DBS Checked Therapists

All therapists are qualified and registered with a Professional Body such as BACP or NCS. They adhere to the relevant Service & Ethical Standards of their Professional Body and are DBS checked.

No Waiting Times

With fast appointments available, before you know it you will be relaxed, talking with a therapist about how you are feeling and on the way to living a happier life.

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Sessions are available from 9am until 8pm at a convenient time to suit. You don’t even have to have the same appointment time each week, as we offer flexible sessions too.

This Therapy Helps:

  Daily Distress   Low Quality Of life   Disruption To Social life   Poor Physical Health   Poor Diet   Underachieving

Why Choose Us?

  Qualified Therapists   Highly Experienced   Private & Confidential   Learn Tools To Cope   Premier Therapy   Great Value