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Anger Management

Anger can become a problem when it is not managed or controlled properly and causes harm to you, property and other people. Anger issues often start in childhood and take many years to develop.
You should consider speaking to our Anger Management therapists when your anger has become unwarranted, triggered quickly or happening too often.
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How Anger Management Helps

Talking through things with your therapist you will explore your mental wellbeing, uncover the underlying causes and triggers of anger, and develop strategies to reduce your outbursts.
By learning anger management tips & techniques, including coping mechanisms & channelling your emotions, you will become a calmer, happier person and much nicer to be around.

When Is Anger A Problem?

Anger is a demonstration of an emotional response to a situation, which you may feel is justified. It becomes a problem when it becomes irrational and cannot be controlled. You may become angry when you struggle to cope with strong feelings, either at home, in your personal life or at work. The good news it that your feelings of anger can be understood and learned to be controlled in order for you react to situations in a more appropriate manner.
If you recognise any of these signs then it may be time to look at some anger management therapy before things get worse. - Feeling Frustrated
- Small Things Set You Off
- Explosive Rage
- People Say It's A Problem
- Problems In Your Relationship
- Feeling Overwhelmed
- Feeling Guilty
- Police Have Been Involved
- Frequently Annoyed
- Emotional Detachment
- Certain People Trigger You
- Episodes At Work
- Constant Angry Thoughts
- Struggle With Anxiety
The various long-term negative health consequences of Anger are well known. Subjecting yourself to fits of anger can lead to injury and disease, including... - Insomnia
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Headaches
- Digestive Problems
- Abdominal Pains
- High Blood Pressure
- Eczema
- Heart Attack
- Stroke
- Ulcers
- Weaker Immune System
- Fatigue
- Diabetes
Here are some top tips to help you keep your anger in check: - Eat A Balanced Diet
- Sleep Well
- Be Active
- Avoid Substances & Alcohol
- Avoid Trigger Situations
- Change Your State Of Mind
- Solve The Problem
- Don’t Jump To Conclusions
- Talk Through The Situation
- Listen To Music
- Meditate
- Be Mindful
- Deep Breathing
- Visualise
- Listen To The Other Person
- Think Before You Respond
- Refocus Your Energy
- Attend Therapy Sessions
Recognising the early signs that your Anger is getting out of control is very important. They are easy to identify and when you recognise them you should immediately start methods to calm down.
- Fast Heart Rate
- Increased Breathing
- You Feel Tense
- Tapping Feet/Fingers
- Clenched Jaw/Fists
- Getting Hotter
- Pressure In Sinus
- Body Starts To Sweat

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    Anger Management Helps:

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