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Anger Management

You should consider speaking to our Anger Management therapists when your anger has become unwarranted, triggered quickly or happening too often.

Anger can be a problem when it is not managed or controlled properly and causes harm to you, property and other people. Anger problems often start in childhood and take many years to develop.

Anger Management Therapy
Our Anger Management counselling & therapy service will help you explore, talk through and reflect on your anger problems and develop strategies to feel better.

How Anger Management Can Help

By learning anger management techniques you can learn how to channel your anger in more productive ways, and become a calmer, much nicer and happier person to be around.
Together a qualified therapist you will uncover the underlying causes of your irritability and temper to start to think and behave in a more calmer way.
We have helped hundreds over people over the years in a professional, safe and confidential environment.
There is no need to wait. We have fast appointments available right now during the day, evening til late or at the weekend so you can be helped immediately.

Anger Management Helps:

  Control Your Anger   Deal With Angry Thoughts   Understand Your Anger   Learn Anger Techniques   Combat Road Rage   Stop Abusive Behaviour

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Anger Statistics

Anger Statistics

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