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Self-Help Tips For OCD

Self-Help Tips For OCD

Here are some tips to help with your OCD:
  • Learn and practice a relaxation techniques, deep breathing, mindfulness meditation
  • Be proud of your efforts, how far you have come and how well you are doing
  • Never analyse obsessive thoughts
  • Always face up to the anxiety & don’t be fearful of it
  • Remember the thoughts were irrational the last time you had them, so they are now
  • Use these coping tips at any time, and in any place
  • Never be complacent and take your OCD recovery for granted
  • Know obsessive thoughts will pass so remain calm and take your mind off them
  • Don’t rely or expect others to push you or motivate you
  • Remember the problem is the compulsions not the anxiety
  • Remind yourself at the beginning of your day to focus on your coping techniques you may need that day
  • Always tell your therapist if new thoughts appear
  • Trust your own reactions to how you think and never analyse
  • Don’t be surprised when old or even new obsessive thoughts occur
  • Never tell yourself that one, two or more slips up means you are now a total failure
  • Stay motivated even when things get difficult or you have a set-back
  • Be patient and go at your own pace
  • Never procrastinate. The time is now for you to move on
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect
  • Never seek reassurance as it can be a compulsion
  • When you encounter a challenge, be positive, treat it as a opportunity and face it head on
  • Always expect an obsessive thought at any time or any place & don‘t let it throw you
  • Focus and take every day one day at a time
  • Be willing to accept the anixety of risk and understand it is part of enjoying a normal life
  • Tell yourself an obsessive thought isnt helpful right now, you can think about it later
  • Always expect an obsessive thought at any time or any place & don‘t let it throw you
  • Obsessive thoughts are never an emergency
  • You deserve to be happy and not to suffer