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When you first begin a relationship of course it’s all wonderful & exciting as you get to know each other and start to fall in love. You want to get to know them more & can’t wait to see them.

As your relationship becomes stronger, you may marry or set up home together, have children & plan for the exciting future ahead.

In-between all the exciting plans though, comes real life. A mortgage, bills, tantrum toddlers & moody teens, exes, affairs, step-kids, money worries, work stresses, illness, interfering families & friends, addictions, anger, resentment & arguments, oh plenty of arguments. You’re so entrenched in all of this, you wondered what happened to the closeness, the intimacy, the love between you. Well it’s probably buried beneath the pile of problems you’ve tried & failed to deal with. Well don’t throw in the towel just yet

Couples therapy is one of the most essential, effective & easy ways to address the problems in your relationship. Therapy will help you talk to each other openly & honestly, to express how it feels to be in this relationship right here, right now. You will be able to get to the root of where it all began to go wrong, explore each problem, your emotions & what you’d like to happen for your relationship to stand a chance.

If communication between you is a problem, and this is one of the most highlighted problems we find, then therapy will help you to talk to each other calmly & respectfully. You will actually start being listened to and understood without this leading to a major argument.

Any problem you bring to the therapy room will be explored, including sexual intimacy and affairs, which are two areas that couples feel embarrassed & ashamed to discuss. Don’t worry a therapist will have heard all this before and are fully trained & experienced in helping you both work this through. They don’t take sides & won’t even raise an eyebrow. It is the embarrassment & shame that has kept this problem & others going for so long. Please believe there is no shame in couples therapy, only hope for a better, happier, loved up future.