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Problems That Need To Change

When you’re in a long term relationship, you’re also in a long term relationship with their past, their behaviours and their problems.

What problems do you think you can put up with and which do you think will need to change? If some of the problems are too big and they are beginning to hurt you or your family, anger, affairs etc, then you will need to talk together about how these need to change.

Sometimes the problems have come about due to other deep rooted problems, stress at work, health anxiety, worried about money, or way back in their past, which in turn might cause your partner to become angry. Getting to the root of the problem is crucial in finding a solution.

Be careful in trying to discuss these problems when they are already stressed, angry or tired, you both need energy and a clear mind to talk through the problems calmly. If you think that you will struggle on your own, or find communication very difficult anyway, then couples therapy is the way forward.

A trained therapist will help you both explore the problems and even ask the questions that you weren’t able to ask. Couples therapy is powerful and can help in creating the safe arena for change to take place.