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Do You Have Poor Personal Boundaries?

Do you put others first?
Do you find it hard to say no?
Do you feel a bit of ‘mug’ at times but never say anything?
If the answer is Yes, then you have poor personal boundaries, that need firming up.

Having positive, healthy boundaries is feeling confident in saying no to repeated requests, being able to separate your head from your heart and not worrying at all about what others think about you when you calmly do what you want to do.

People do find it hard to be assertive, and that might be you too, but unless you learn the techniques to stand up for yourself, you’ll forever be walked over and then seethe in silence. Sound familiar?

So how to work on your personal boundaries. Being self aware is important. When you find yourself saying yes yet again, notice how you feel, be honest with yourself. The more self aware you are the more you will be willing to work on yourself.

Therapy can help you uncover those feelings, help you find out where your poor boundaries are rooted in your life, and then help you become more confident in being assertive so that you can start doing the things that make you happy.