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What Is The OCD Cycle

What Is The OCD Cycle?

Obsessive compulsive disorder cycle is the cycle of obsessions and compulsions you get stuck in.
It is a vicious cycle, wants to be fed and seems unbreakable. Your thoughts become more and more confused and harder to break the cycle the longer your OCD goes on.
There are 4 key elements that drive the OCD cycle.
1. Obsessive Thoughts.
Obsessive thoughts lead to your anxiety increasing.
2. Anxiety.
Your anxiety in turn leads to distress and you look for relief from these feelings.
3. Compulsions.
You believe that carrying out your compulsions and your rituals will directly stop or reduce the anxiety and the obsessive thoughts.
4. Relief.
As a result of your compulsions and your rituals short term relief is found, but soon you are having obsessive thoughts again.
In effect, the anxiety followed by short term relief when you carry out a ritual creates an ongoing, self-reinforcing cycle.