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How Do You Feel?

Your emotions are your brain’s way of communicating with you. When you feel sad, angry, worried, low or unhappy, then these feelings tell you that something is wrong.

The more you ignore the feelings, the more intense they become, causing you to have anxiety, stress and leading to mental illness. So taking notice of the emotions is the best way to figure out what you’re struggling with & why you had that feeling so you can then understand it and deal with it.

If for example someone talked over you in a meeting, you may become angry inside, but you don’t say anything, then all day you snap at people. If we break this down, you could be angry & snapping at everyone because growing up, you were often made to feel insignificant, so when someone does this to you now, it triggers that emotion inside of you all over again. The anger is perhaps because you are mad at yourself for never addressing this as a problem.

So being in tune with how you feel is important. If you need help with your feelings, then therapy has some great techniques to help you monitor, explore & address those feelings, to make sense of them & make changes to keep you in a much more happier place.