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Doing Away With Depression

You’ve been feeling really down for quite some time now, you can’t seem to shake your low mood, feel weepy, not sleeping, have lost your appetite and just can’t seem to get excited about much these days. Are you depressed? Probably.
Being depressed isn’t just feeling down for a day or two, everyone can feel low from time to time. Depression is more than that, it’s a persistent feeling of deep sadness that effects your whole mood, energy & attitude to life. You stop caring about yourself, your friends, your job and feel confused & upset about what’s happening to you.

You feel you’ve lost a part of yourself you once had and start to feel scared that you can’t get that person back. Bursting into tears at the smallest of things, most days doesn’t help either. You just want to hide away in your room as it’s easier to do that than face the outside world. You’ve now started to have deep, dark worrying thoughts about not living, you may even have started to drink more heavily, take drugs or self harm, all to take away these horrible feelings. Your frightened of feeling this way, don’t know who to turn to, will they understand, care or be bothered, will they help?

One thing you need to know is that you are not alone, thousands of people today feel this bad & depressed, they just don’t show it. They put on a mask, a brave face & get on with things, but are barely holding it together. You also need to know there is help for your depression and you can beat it and get better.

One way is medication, but you will need to see a doctor to be prescribed a course of anti-depressants that is best suited to help stabilise your mood. Another way is undertaking a course of therapy. A few sessions of general counselling is not enough as that just helps you talk briefly about the problem. What is needed for you is a course of deeper therapy sessions that will give you the support, techniques & strategies to work through & manage your depression over a longer period of time. You will need time to practice the techniques & monitor them with the guided support of your therapist. They will listen, encourage you, help you process your emotions as they come up & put in place a depression management programme that will soon start to lift you out of the quagmire of depression. As you start to rise through the sludge & mist, the sun will start to shine again & your happiness & zest for life will soon start to return.

Making the first step towards undertaking therapy can be scary, but it needn’t be, especially when you will see how hugely effective it is and how much it will help you.

Your mental health is important to a Therapist, as much as it is to you. Please seek help today.