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Challenge Your Thinking

We believe what we think, so if you think you’re not good enough, then you will have low confidence & behave in a way that matches your thinking. So in this case, your ‘not good enough thinking’ will stop you from going for that promotion, going on that amazing sounding course or saying yes to going out for drinks with new friends.

Event - You see a job you’d like to apply for
Your Present Thought (Negative) – That sounds great, but there are other people better than me who’ll apply, so what’s the point
Feelings – Sad, anxious, worried, fed up
Behaviour – You don’t apply for the job and continue doing the same old boring job you’ve been stuck in for years

Unless you change that negative thinking, then you will no doubt feel un-confident, worried & unhappy most of your life. So if you want a happier, more fulfilled life try the following challenging your thinking technique.

Challenging Thought Technique:

Your New Thought (Positive) - I have the skills they’re looking for, I am just as good as anyone else, so I will apply.
Feelings – Happy, excited, empowered
Behaviour – You apply for the job and find that you are even more skilled than you thought once you write them on the form