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Change The Way You Think

Change The Way You Think

Change the way you think by imagining the way you think is being projected onto a movie screen. As you watch the movie being played out it can seem scary as you project the images you imagine from your thinking onto the screen each time.

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self sabotaging thoughts

Self Sabotaging Thoughts

I keep making mistakes at work & I tell myself off regularly. This spills out into my personal life too. I stay in night after night, worried about going out, will I look good enough, will people like me.

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Challenge Your Thinking

We believe what we think, so if you think you’re not good enough, then you will have low confidence & behave in a way that matches your thinking.

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Stop Your Negative Thinking

It is very simple. When you think negatively, this will effect how you feel and then how you behave. You will feel negative and you will behave negatively.

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