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Anger Management That Doesn’t Hurt

You’ve been cut off again while holding on the phone for 30 mins, you’ve got a flat tyre & you’re late, someone has cut across you in traffic, you blare your horn, you’re getting angrier & angrier…yet again.

You don’t notice at first what a problem this is becoming & you get angry all over again when someone tells you that you need to get some help. You understand that anger is a natural emotion and its important to have it & express it, so you do. Yes you’re right expressing anger is important, as long as its done safely. If you’re beginning to shout, bang about, throw things, slam doors or square up to people, then you’re anger is becoming out of control. Such upsetting, hurtful, frightening behaviour is not acceptable, it’s damaging.

Being angry isn’t you being in control, it’s the opposite because you can’t control what might happen next & that becomes a scary place to be & frightening for others to be around. If you’re frightened of what you’re becoming then it’s time to look at some anger management therapy before you hurt someone or see your life becoming a mess & exploding in front of your eyes.

There are many reasons why people become angrier than most, it could be rooted in childhood, how your parents expressed themselves or the problems you experienced growing up. Lack of confidence & low self esteem, feeling stressed, anxious, not good enough or even a defence mechanism to stop people getting close to you. Whatever your reason, you must get help.

Accessing a Anger Management Therapy programme can help you not only find the root cause of your anger, but help you to understand your emotions better. A Therapist will gently help you to talk about your uncomfortable or painful feelings, using a series of specialist strategies & techniques, to re-programme how to express your angry feelings more safely in future.

If you want to be a calmer, happier person again then consider therapy today before it’s too late.