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5 Steps For A Stress Free Day

5 Steps For A Stress Free Day

Stress is a normal part of life. It is the body' reaction to feeling under pressure. A little stress can help you feel motivated in achieving things in your daily life, but too much stress can create anxiety, depression & effect your mood, your body, your mental health & your life.
Follow these 5 Simple Steps whenever you feel stressed to keep calm & in control:
1. The 60 Second Stop
As you notice yet again you have an 'aggghhh' moment... STOP! For just 60 seconds close your eyes, breathe in & out deeply to the count of 3. Settle your heart rate & this will help still your mind.
2. Write it Down
Take a pad & pen, Write down a) how you're feeling, b) your thoughts & c) what it is you're really stressing about.
3. List The Options
Make a list of all the possible solutions to address this situation. Write down everything that comes to mind.
4. Take Action
Choose one thing from the list & take action right there & then. If you need to start taking a lunch break, take one today. If you need to speak to a Manager, Email them now to make an appointment.
5. Personal Responsibility
Only you know how you're feeling, only you know the real reasons behind your stresses, therefore only you can take the action to take control of your stress. Identify them & take regular action.